Anybody can benefit from a coach if they're ready.

As a highly trained Entrepreneur’s Source Career Ownership Coach, my job is to help you. Together, we’ll set your goals, explore the possibilities, and move through the discovery process at your pace—and at no cost to you.

My you-focused approach.

  • Provide Education

    The Entrepreneur's Source has over 35 years of experience in career ownership coaching. Coaches like me are trained by the best of the best, and have a plethora of valuable resources at our disposal.

  • Create Awareness

    I will never push you into something you’re not ready for. Instead, I help you open yourself up to and feel comfortable with possibilities.

  • Achieve Discovery

    Like the best coaches do, I act as a source of guidance and support, holding you accountable to your dreams and helping you attain financial freedom.

The truths of coaching.

  • “Self-made” is a myth.

    Success is not a one-person show. Even the most successful people in history, past or present, relied on the wisdom, support and experience of trusted advisors to establish their legacy. Anyone can be successful, but no one—no one—can do it alone.

  • Coaching isn’t for everyone.

    As with anything in life, you get out of it what you put into it. A coach isn’t a replacement for effort—I can’t change your life for you. I’ll give you the tools and show you the path, but ultimately, your success is up to you.

  • Ease your career transition process.

    My number-one priority is to help you reach a point of clarity. Through education, awareness, and discovery, I’ll help eliminate your concerns so you can stay focused on achieving your dreams through a career transition.

“I started with just me and one truck, working out of my garage. I now have four employees, and I am in a commercial space. The earnings potential is pretty well limitless at this point. I am busy. I do have to spend time away from my family just as I did before. But now, if I want to stay home and cook my kids breakfast, I can. On nice sunny days, if I want to cut out early to take the kids swimming, I do. I don’t just have weekends to choose from anymore.”

BRANDEN BOWDEN, New Business Owner

Let’s start the discovery process with a free consultation. My goal is to help you discover what your future has in store, and I can’t wait to get started.

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